Granite, Hardwood, & Stainless Steel … Oh My

Granite, Hardwood, & Stainless Steel … Oh My

Granite, Hardwood, & Stainless Steel … Oh My!

When it comes to the comforts of home, it’s not just the soft touch of bedding, blankets, couches, and pillows that come to mind, but it’s the materials used in the home that bring it to life and bring form and function together. Not only do granite countertops and hardwood floors look great, but they also perform well. It’s the best of both worlds when something looks great and serves you at the same time.

Granite Countertops

The use of granite for counter-tops became popular in the early 2000s. It grabbed hold and never let go. So what’s so great about this special material? Well for starters, it’s a lot easier to keep clean. It doesn’t scar easily, is stain resistant, waterproof and doesn’t fade. Granite comes in a variety of colors to match any kitchen and gives the home a sleek, modern look.

Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors have become the hallmark for modernizing a home. Hardwood is easier to clean and is allergen-free, as dust and pet dander do not collect like they do in the fibers in a carpet or rug. The use of area rugs that can be removed and cleaned make hardwood floors more versatile, especially when it comes to spills.

Stainless Steel

It seems that appliance finishes come and go, however, stainless steel doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. White refrigerators, stoves and sinks were the norm until the 60’s and 70’s when bold colors took over. Most kitchens had either gold, orange or olive green appliances. Take a look at the TV sitcom, The Brady Bunch, and you’ll see what we mean. White made a brief comeback, but it’s stainless steel that’s sticking around. It’s sleek, doesn’t fade or chip and is what professional kitchens have been using for decades.

Brick Walls

You might not think about walls until you buy your first home, but when you do, you’ll never take them for granted again. Strategically placed walls can mean the difference between feeling closed in or having an airy light feeling in your space. The color and materials also make a big difference to the look and feel of your home. White brick is the latest in accent walls, giving your home a modern but timeless look. Or choose a warm color to accent the biggest wall in your home. It’s up to you how you use your walls to change the feel inside.

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