Don’t Let Moving Be Complicated

Moving is Complicated. Make Finding The Right House Easier By Considering a Promenade @5 Condo

Everything about moving can be complicated. From selling your home, to packing, leaving your comfort zone and starting in a new place. The last thing you need is a confusing and time consuming home search process. Considering a condo community like Promenade @5 in Williamsburg makes at least one part your move a breeze.

Not only are you getting a gorgeous piece of property to call your own, you’re getting a whole lot more in amenities. With something for everyone, it’s like having your own fitness center, private dog park, swimming pool, tanning area, landscapers, maintenance crew, parcel pickup and guaranteed wifi. If you tried to buy a home that had all that you’d be paying double (if not triple) the price.

Promenade@5 is a community of homes with a variety of designs to meet anyone’s taste. With amenities that rival the top resorts in the country, residents feel like they’re on a permanent vacation. The smarter choice is home buying, and here’s why: your mortgage payments will be less than your rent payments, but each payment goes toward your balance versus a rent payment that just gets higher over time.

Located in Hampton Roads, it’s the perfect location for those in the military. With 16 military bases in the area, it’s great for family members of those in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard who want to be close while living a resort lifestyle. Naval Station Norfolk, Fort Eustis, Langley Air Force Base, and U.S. Coast Guard 5th Atlantic Fleet are just some of the more popular bases in close proximity to Promenade @5.

Make your move in Williamsburg simple by starting at the Promenade @5. Schedule your tour today with one of our on site agents and seee why so many have chosen The Life @ 5.